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1 Response to "Neat Study: “Increased serum levels of high mobility group box 1 protein in patients with autistic disorder”"

This appears to be fairly recent, mung beans who knew?!
you’ve reminded me 🙂 again, such a great blog!
I was looking at anti- cholinergic effects back in 2005 (my son had a way bad reaction to antihistamines) and that info came up again when my daughter’s epilepsy showed up, in relation to vagal stimulation.

also a pet interest of mine…the effects of religious habits on autonomic system (I’m not a believer so to me it looks like a culturally transmitted health lesson!) so many of the things religious people do are vagal stimulators: kneeling , mumbling/droning in prayer, rocking etc… and ketogenic: all that fasting (all pretty autism friendly behaviours too 😉 )
Talking of which
As far as I can make out high HMGB1 occurs when they are trying to get anorexics to eat and induces refeeding resistance…
I think anorexia nervosa is probably not nervosa at all but likely an attempt to modulate antibody production to stave off autoimmunity. Or a way of avoiding serious ovary damage from glycation products, since menstrual cycle was found to have stopped -before first signs of malnutrition in most anorexics in one study (which I’ll have to look for, Fetissov is cool for this but I don’t think it was him)
So, it would be really cool if the HMGB1 was a conductor’s baton/one of the pathways by which the vagus gets involved. Humming and rocking and spinning…adaptive totally!
Or in my case smoking 😦

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